About Us

Time2Talk was founded by IT professionals with years of experience working directly in a Health Care setting, thus our initial software solution was centered in this industry. While hospitals work towards increasing levels of their EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems, mobile devices have become a direct tool in patient care and it is critical they are available 24/7.

We found that shared mobile computing devices, whether medical computer carts (WoW’s or MoW’s), laptops, tablets or thin clients used to conduct EMR were often losing battery power. Not only did this impact patient care, but set off a whole sequence of inefficient and costly activities in the hospital. Others were only addressing the symptoms not the problem. So, our founders set out to find “a better way” and the solution was forged by creating a unique software integration deployed to the Windows OS® to detect and protect battery powered computer devices while enabling the most efficient and effective clinician use forged the solution. The result is enhanced patient care, cost and risk reduction. Also, by preserving elaborate battery systems creates less waste and an eco-friendly solution.

In the development world, releasing a minimally viable product, gaining market traction, then fixing the bugs is common place. T2T took the opposite approach with 3+ years development on the initial product and reporting console, receiving full utility patents on the technology prior to release. The software has been tested, piloted and is completely market ready and highly valuable for customers with a projected Return on Investment of 8:1. T2T is currently developing related applications for different industries and device types.

Vision, Mission and Value Statements

Our Vision:

Powering business. Empowering people. Helping the Environment.

Mission Statement:

Time2Talk improves operating efficiencies, creates value, and enables businesses to generate environmentally responsible power consumption by managing device power consumption levels.

Our Values:

Fairness to each other and all our customers while helping one battery at a time with modern, stable and repeatable solutions.


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