Release Notes

Upcoming TPMU Features in V 1.3.0
Release Date: First Quarter of 2017

T2T130A: Wake-Up Timer TPMU

TPMU software takes mobile and stationary devices into a Detect and Protect feature creating a cost savings related to energy consumption. The new wake-up timer feature will wake up devices at a scheduled time set by administrator to allow Microsoft security updates to complete and then place the device back in Detect and Protect mode.

T2T130B: Capture Battery Temperature

The current version of TPMU does not collect the temperature of the inverter but our new version will. This need came to light after some discussions with our resellers and their interaction with some potential customers. Customers have been replacing a large amount of inverters (second most expensive component in the cart). The inverters output temperature data which is important to monitor because a higher than normal temp most likely indicates a buildup of dust on the inverter electronics. If this is cleaned periodically the temperature is lower and prolongs the life of this expensive component – another potential ROI factor. TPMU will collect this data and report it in a similar manner as the “replace battery soon” data along with an alert if the temperature exceeds a certain threshold.

T2T130C: Reset Policies to default settings

Currently TPMU allows you to customize the configuration policies for each device. In this new version TPMU will now have an option that allows customers to reset the configuration to default values. This will help with troubleshooting and creating standard configurations if a customer chooses to.

T2T130D: Apply Policies on Groups

TPMU currently requires you to apply configuration at the device level. The new feature will allow TPMU Administrators to apply policies at department group levels. This will save time as incremental devices are added to that department or group.

T2T130E: Server Sync from Console

TPMU currently requires you update configuration policies from the server but depending on network traffic policy changes could take time. TPMU’s new feature will allow Administrators to push a real-time configuration change to a device
or devices.

T2T130F: Refresh button on Server Console with timer

TPMU currently has a refresh button but requires manual execution of the refresh. TPMU’s new feature will allow the Administrator to set a default auto update timer (10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, On Demand)

T2T130G: New design of ROI calculator

Current TPMU’s ROI reporting calculator has hardcoded year number. Our enhanced reporting feature will provide flexibility in selecting date range.

T2T130H: GreenTech Dashboard to be integrated in TPMU Server Console

Currently the GreenTech dashboard does not exist on the Server Console under reports. The new TPMU feature will include it on the Server Console and the Dashboard Display Monitor.


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